Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway #10

With this giveaway, we at the Printed Fabric Bee are completing our first year! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. For me it has been a great experience to stretch myself – to force myself to use different colors and work with the monthly themes. As the months have passed I’ve seen my art improve and this month’s piece is my very favorite.

Leslie Tucker Jenison is the queen this month and her theme is “Urban Surface.” Leslie said, “I love the layered textures of old walls, peeling paint and graffiti on building walls.” Her size for this piece is 6 x 24.

I started with that sun scrunched fabric I blogged about here. It’s the one on the left.

Scrunched sun printing
Scrunched sun printing

I chose it rather than the gray piece because it reminded me of brick walls.

Then I wanted to add some blocks to the piece. I made several stencils with my Portrait using freezer paper and ironed them down.

freezer paper stencil on fabric

Next I came in with Jacquard DeColourant around the edges of the stencil. I wanted just a faint hint of blocks.

Using Decolorant

After the deColorant dried, I ironed it. The block markings are very faint.

ironing over deColorantNow that I had my brick wall I wanted to add some sort of graffiti. I used Black Screen Printing Ink with this Artistcellar Romans TEXTure Series stencil.

Adding screen printing ink

And here is my finished piece for Leslie.

Finished piece

Here is the giveaway piece.

#10 giveaway piece

And below is the giveaway collection you can win!


 If you’d love to win this collection, just visit The Printed Fabric Bee  and leave a comment.  The deadline is October 15. Good Luck!