2015 Christmas Ornaments

On our first Christmas together back in 2005 Dave made me this ornament for my tree. It’s really special to me, and always has a prominent place on our tree.

Dave's 2005 ornament
Dave’s 2005 ornament

Since that time we’ve been making ornaments for each other. Dave blogged about our tradition here. Sometimes in the past it has been a surprise. Other times we’ve worked on them together. Dave sat out last year, but came back strong this season with two.

He’s been getting into woodworking again and decided he wanted to make them out of wood. We decided to try marrying my fabric with his wood. It worked on the first one.


His second ornament did not work with fabric. I couldn’t get it cut out right, but it looks beautiful and so delicate on it’s own.


Meanwhile, I made him an ornament like my Peace one, but a bit easier.


And here it is on the tree.


I also started making him a card every year. Julie Fei Fan Balzer had a great video using the Scan and Cut so I made my own take on it.


If you’d like to see our other ornaments, Click on the pictures and they’ll take you to the post.


Before that I decided that I wanted pictures of us on the ornaments each year. (That idea didn’t last long!) No posts about these. In 2009 I used cardstock and made my own frame.

It’s a fun tradition that I plan to continue.

Not really a tradition yet, but for the past two Christmas Days we have invited our friends, Barb and Ken, over for dinner. After dinner we play a game before enjoying dessert. Last night we played scrabble. A wonderful way to end the day. I used my dyed vintage napkins and the undyed tablecloth. I dyed this napkin and it’s nine mates, several years ago for a dinner party but I couldn’t decide on the tablecloth color. I still can’t decide but I’m leaning toward a gray or beige.


Hope you are enjoying or making a new tradition this year. Thanks for dropping by to read about our traditions. I’d love to hear about yours.