I started this fabric surface design journey in 2009 when I was writing my newspaper column, Telling Your Story, about local artists. I learned about dyes and I was hooked.


I’ve always loved crafts, and I learned so much from those I interviewed. What sent me over the edge into dyeing was my interview with Karen Hampton, a local fabric artist. For her article I wrote about her beautiful snow dyed pieces. After leaving her house I couldn’t wait until we had snow. When it finally snowed, I snow dyed and wanted more. Because snow is made of ice particles, I decided I’d just try ice cubes. And ice dyeing was born!  I was so happy with my results that with the encouragement of fellow artist Kathy Sands, I contacted Quilting Arts. My first ice dyeing article was published in 2011.

One of my very first ice dyeing pieces hangs on my studio wall to remind me of this journey. I call it Mayo’s Garden, named after my grandma.

mayo's garden

I’ve dabbled in a variety of crafts over the years. One of my major loves has been photography which started when Mom and Dad gave me one of those boxy Brownies. I graduated to Kodak Instamatic, moved on to a Canon SLR, and now I’m on my sixth digital camera, but really use my Iphone most of the time since getting it in December 2017.

I also was a quilter years ago, but I just couldn’t get that perfect 1/4 inch. I’ve found my fabric surface design doesn’t require perfection, or maybe I’ve become less rigid.

You’ll see on my blog that in addition to fabric art, I draw a bit on rocks, garden, make soap, and bake a little.

It’s been a fun journey and I hope you will join me as I continue to create, and hopefully inspire.

If you’d like to contact me personally, you can reach me at lsheines@gmail.com

Thanks for dropping by.


PS. My website was called Bloom Bake Create for many years before I changed it to Lyndaheines.com.

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  1. I was stunned to see this it is utterly amazing when the being or beings depending on your belief system work in your life. I had been thinking that perhaps if I started a Gratitude Journal and gave thanks each day instead of letting my present circumstances tear me apart it would be better and what better day to start than Friday the 13th, although I am not superstitous. I got on here because I am still unable to download pdf files that come to my yahoo mail but I can get them from a web site. and I find this after I had been drawing and using photo album stickers and in general playing with with giving thanks. I found a ton of leather bound journals at Office Max for $2 each on clearance. By the way Lynda your class was wonderful. It has helped more than you could know! Kelli Ann

  2. Kelli Ann,
    So good to hear from you and for you to visit my sister site. I appreciate your kind words and so glad you did enjoy my last class, Writing Your Story.

    Starting a gratitude journal on Friday the 13th is great! But really starting it at any time is wonderful. Don’t feel you have to write complete sentences – a word or two will do. The fact of you thinking each day of what you are grateful for, even if it’s only that you were able to wake up today or had a warm place to sleep, is a great practice. On those gray days (we all have), you can look back and see that even though that day everything is in the pits, you are blessed.

    What a great bargain at Office Max! You are a lucky dog!

    Thanks again for stopping by and feel free to comment any time on either site.

  3. I absolutely love the name of your blog since I also garden, bake and attempt to make creative crafts! I look forward to reading about all your adventures here and thanks for commenting on my blog. The mini gourd ornaments came out better than I expected & still not sure what I will create with all the others yet. There are some great gourd sites and even a Flickr group with some great images and ideas. I would like to add your blog to either my garden, food or craft blog page – do you prefer one over the other?

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for dropping by. And forgive my question about the liquid castile. I know the other ingredients were dry – I just had one of those senior moments. Look forward to making that. Thank you for adding my blog – it doesn’t matter which area since I’m not partial to any – love them all. Again, thanks for dropping by and I’ll be checking our your adventures too!

  5. Hi Lynda,

    I just wanted to let you know that you are the winner in my drawing for The Tao of Mia & Leo over at mooncatfarsms.blogspot.com

    Congratulations! I need you to get your mailing address to me so I can get your book sent to you. You’re going to really enjoy it.

    I’m really enjoying your blog. I am trying the Rosemary Rinse out soon.


  6. Hi! Glad you found my blog. I’m off to check out yours. I hope you stop by soon.

  7. Question: where the heck did you get your Lite Brite Neon Pain Spinner? How OLD is it? There are none to be found in stores or on the Hasbro Web site! Do you have a source? Our Art Quilt Study Group wanted to try spin art but…………….

    Thanks for info.

  8. Joyce,
    I bought it several years ago online through Amazon. There are several other spinners which I’m sure will work but make sure they are battery operated. Let me know how it all turns out for your group! Thanks for dropping by.

  9. Hello Lynda, thanks for commenting on my blog. I popped across to check yours out and it is really super! Will do the ‘following’ thingy when I’ve typed this. We do a bit of growing in our small gared….if you check my archive …erm think its under ‘sightseeing’ you will see we have a small plot. And my husband does it, not me! Intrigued re your dehydrator – but I guess if you grow on a pretty large scale it makes it worth while.

    Anyway, lovely to ‘meet’ you!


  10. Lynne, Thanks for dropping by and following! Regarding the dehydrator, even if you don’t grow alot, purchased stuff works too! We buy our apples to dry and also make our applesauce since our trees don’t do much. Thanks again for dropping by and nice to meet you too!!


  11. Hi there

    You were chosen last week as a winner of a set of our Incomparable handmade buttons.

    Please let me know your postal details as they are being sent out tomorrow.

    Many thanks.

    Warm Regards from sunny South Africa

    Tamara and the ButtonMad Team

  12. Tamara, Thanks for letting me know. I follow your blog but missed that post! Can’t wait to get those beautiful buttons! Thanks again. I’ve emailed you my address.

  13. Hey Lynda, happy sunday to you as well. I live in british columbia canada. I am wondering if you would include me in your book giveaways if I paid the shipping. I read all your newsletters and thoroughly enjoy both yours and daves. I certainly wish we had weather as nice as you have. Do you actually get winter, like snow, ice and COLD temps?
    Whatever your decision I do hope both you and dave continue your newsletters forever! Most of what you grow and do in your gardens I can’t do here but I love reading about it.
    Thank you, Bea

  14. Bea,
    Thanks for you sweet words! I’ll pass them on to Dave.

    Yes we do have winter although last year was the first in my lifetime that we had very little winter. When I was a kid we used to have a lot of snow – Loved it since we got out of school. We had an ice storm a couple years ago that damaged our trees and the whole area was at a standstill for quite awhile.
    Regarding the postage, I will put that on the posts. I’ve had several of my Canadian readers comment about that in the past. Thanks for the reminder.

    Thank you for commenting and reading my blog (and Dave’s!). Lynda

  15. Good Morning Linda, hope this is where I comment on your book giveaway. I would love to win the book on beginning quilting as I have been thinking of trying it but it looks soooo difficult. Hope I win…

  16. I am very interested in your ice dyeing webinar but my son is having surgery that day and I can’t be online at the times posted. I have done some ice dying and would love to explore more ideas and techniques. Can you explain how a webinar works? Would I benefit from the dvd. Could I send questions and examples tonight that you could address? We will be sitting in the surgery center for most of the day so if they have wireless I might be able to connect but I just don’t know?

    Please let me know as soon as you can. I look forward to hearing from you.
    this message was sent to you by: Betty Tyree

  17. Hi Betty, As far as the webinar, it is live on Tuesday. I’ll be walking those attending through the whole process with my slide show and they can ask questions that I’ll answer live. A couple days after the webinar, those attending will receive a copy of the complete webinar to listen to over and over again. For those who are attending live, they will be able to type their questions to Cate during the webinar. I hope that I’ve made it clear. I’ll send you a private email shortly. Thanks for asking and hope your son’s surgery goes well.

  18. I found you while searching for the identity of a large Hawaiian seed pod (Royal Poinciana tree) that I picked up while visiting my family on Hawai’i Island last year. You had also found one and had used it to print on fabric, which also greatly intrigued me because of my interest in Hawaiian petroglyphs. Thank you for the inspiration ~ I also love working with fabric, sewing and other crafts!

  19. Carolyn, So glad you found me! I love petroglyphs too! Thank you for dropping by and commenting. Please come back soon.

  20. Catherine, It’s funny you asked that. I was just looking myself for ways to attach them. Check back because I hope to be posting something in the near future about that. And thanks for dropping by.

  21. Hi, you mentioned PAPER…..do u use the same type of inks and same process to sun die paper for card making ?

  22. I am currently writing a Vacation Bible School curriculum on the story of Elijah. I was doing some research on art activities and came across your bleeding tissue paper activity(https://lyndaheines.blog/2011/05/bleeding-tissue-fun/). I would like to include this in my Art Station Guide for the curriculum. I took a screen shot of three of the photos and included a link to your blog. This curriculum will only be used at our church.

    Thank you for considering,

  23. Alicia, That is fine. I appreciate you letting me know and including a link. Hope the kids enjoy it.

  24. Lynda, what an incredible find. I saw you on google+ through the University of Evansville list. You and I were in several classes together of the University in the late 60s early 70s.
    I run a shop on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/LizHenzeWithStyle if you get a chance to view. I would be very honored if you would place me in your google+ circle. Thank you.

  25. I’m pretty sure that I signed up for your on-line ice dying class. do you have record of that? How do I proceed from here? I have never done this before. I sure enjoy my E-mails from you.

  26. Hi Lee, I’m sending you an email, but all you need to do is go back to lyndaheines.com and sign in. Lynda

  27. Renee, I’m so glad you found it! Btw, I love his books – great beach reads. Again, so glad you found it and that you let me know.

  28. Hi.
    I found you on You Tube, and that is how I got into your Blog.
    I am experimenting with a silk scarves marbling. I used carrageenan size and bought Jaquard paints. But I am not happy with color intensity of the printed scarves. They looked like they got washed out or sun fainted. So, since I saw you used Jaquard and Golden fluid acrylics, which one do you think is better? I am going to do it during my craft show and I am not sure what would be easier and more cost effective for silk painting.
    Hope to hear from you.

  29. Ilona, I’m sorry. I really can’t help you on this. I’ve never marbled silk. For cotton I really like the Jacquard marbling paints because they are ready to go. Again, I’m sorry I can’t help you with this. Thanks for reaching out.

  30. Love all the things you have tried and your approach to experimenting to see how different processes work! And of course all the sharing of information on your site. Since you have done quite a bit of marbling and “playing” with Golden Fluid Acrylics, I’d like to ask a question. I have tried several of the Golden paints, some adjusted with a surfactant and others straight from the bottle, on a fresh carrageenan bath that has sat overnight, and most of them start to “crack” while on the size. They spread our evenly, but after 30 seconds or even a couple of minutes, the paint separates and leaves tiny cracks. Paint and C. bath are the same room temperature. It doesn’t happen all the time, but I don’t care for that look. Did you ever have this happen to you?

  31. Carol, I am not sure what is going on with the paint cracking. I’ve never had that happen. Now I’ve only experimented with Golden Fluid Acyrlics and never had that problem with them. Are the acrylics old? And I assume you are using Golden Fluids – not their other paints. I’m sorry I can’t help you.

  32. Thanks for you input, Lynda. The paints are brand new, and I don’t have that problem with two paints I ordered from marbleart.com. I did contact the Golden Paint Co and it was suggested that I try a little propylene glycol. Not available locally, so will have to order. Thought I’d ask around before doing so. I must be doing something wrong!

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