How To: Scrappy Fabric

I’ve been looking at my bag of scraps I’ve been collecting over the last year, and wanted to do something with it. I’ve made a scrappy scarf in this post, but wanted to just make pieces of scrappy fabric for upcoming projects.

If you check out that scrappy scarf post, I used long pieces of fabric. Here I’m using tiny scraps. As I was making this scrappy fabric, I was reminded of the masks I made back in March, and several of the tutorials I made for this blog. I would recommend using either batiks or dyed fabric since they are the same on both sides.

First you need fabric scraps. Here is my bag I started at the beginning of last year.

To create this fabric you need a water-soluble stabilizer. I’ve used Solvy and Vilene. Add that with scraps, and decorative threads.

Lay down a piece of the stabilizer on your table. Add snips of fabric.

Continue until you have filled up the area. Here I added some sparkle with thread I’ve had for years, and never use!

Next cover with another sheet of the stabilizer.

Before taking this to the sewing machine, pin the edges and in the middle to stabilize the scraps.

Take to the sewing machine and sew straight lines.

To make sure all of those bits stay in place, after completing the above lines, sew lines going the other way.

And the sewing is finished.

Now this piece goes for a soak in water.

Make sure all of the stabilizer has dissolved before putting the piece out to dry. I put it on a towel, blotting to get rid of the water. Then let it dry.

That’s it! Here are my pieces again. The pictures don’t do the pieces justice. They sparkle!

This last one was made of fibers only, no fabric.

I plan to cut these up and use these on cards, and possibly pendants. I’m looking forward to making more of this scrappy fabric.

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Hope you are having a great week.