Feb/March Challenge Week 3

Well, today starts our week three of the Feb/March Challenge. Lately I have been so inspired to create, but just setting up this challenge and being accountable to you has really helped to push me more.

Here is what I did with a little of the scrappy fabric.

I made Dave a Valentine’s Card with one of them.

I was so surprised when Dave caught Ally sleeping in my cube. It made me so happy. She’s been in there several times so evidently she likes it. I think I told you I made it for Molly since she won’t sleep in beds, but she has no interest.

I did finish the SAQA Collaborative Art Quilt for this month. It is due today, and I was so happy to finish it a couple days earlier. However, I can’t show it to you just yet.

In the back of my mind has been this picture of two pieces of watercolor I painted years ago.

I kept thinking, if I loved the look so much why don’t I just paint it on fabric. Then I thought, why do that since I already have it on paper. What about scanning and printing on fabric? So that’s what I did. They are now waiting to be used. Watercolor print is in front with fabric in the back.

This week I ran across information on the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival Online which takes place Feb 24-27. Since it’s late, a lot of the classes are closed, but I did find one I really wanted to take. In my quest to use up stuff around here I chose Judy Gelzinis Donnovan’s Creating New Cloth from Old Lace. I’m so excited.  There are still some interesting classes open. Check them out here.

Another class, or really a three-day conference coming up this month is Rootstech. If you are at all interested in genealogy, this will be the place to be. It’s FREE and online February 25 – 27. There will be speakers and attendees from all over the world. Also, if you have a tree on Family Search, you’ll be able to connect with relatives who are attending. I think that is so cool. Here is the LINK to register.

The weather here is pretty cold and icy. I miss taking my daily walk. Now we are suppose to get lots of snow in the next couple of days. I took this picture the other day when I walked to the mailbox. It’s pretty, but I’m really looking forward to Spring.

I’d love to hear what you are  up to. You can add  your blog post, or comment below.

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