How To: Making Cheesecloth Word Skins

Ann chose this technique for the Facebook Postcard Fabric Art’s February Challenge. I saw Margarita Korioth demonstrating this on Quilting Arts TV a year or so ago, and thought this was such a neat technique. I made a couple of cheescloth word skins back then, but was happy to revisit this technique this month. It’s so easy!

To get started you need to write words on the shiny side of a piece of freezer paper. I’m using a Sharpie to do this.

Here I have covered the piece of freezer paper with words.

Next, paint over those words with matte medium. I’m using Golden Fluid Matte Medium, but you can use any matte medium.

Place a piece of cheesecloth over the wet freezer paper.

Smooth it down, and then add more matte medium. Be sure that the cheesecloth is in contact with the freezer paper. The first time I did this several months ago the words didn’t transfer because I had not used enough matte medium. So be generous.

Let it dry. This will take several hours. I let it dry overnight. Then pull the cheesecloth off the freezer paper. Pretty neat, huh?

And you end up with this cheesecloth word skin.

Now that i have this skin, what do I do with it? It’s kind of a funny texture, but it sews down fine. It can be added to any kind of fabric project. I made this 9 x 9 art quilt for the Facebook Postcard Fabric Art group.

I kind of went wild and spent a lot of time on the background of this piece instead of really focusing on the skin! The ribbon trim came from my good friend Barbara who gave it to me a couple weeks ago. She was cleaning out stuff and thought I might like it. It’s what we used to use on jeans way back in the 60s! As for the background, I’ll tell you more about it in the next blog post.

So what else could I do with these skins. They really can go on any piece, in a journal or on a card. I did find that in order to really see what I had written I needed to place it on top of white fabric. I tried other fabric and I couldn’t see the words. Fun technique. Let me know if you try it.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to join the Feb/March Challenge, you can by just commenting or linking up your post on yesterday’s post here. I’m real excited about getting some of the projects I listed yesterday and more done in the next eight weeks.

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Have a great week!