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  1. Hi,
    I’m a beginning dyer, so was off googling the subject and noticed your post about perilla dyeing. It comes in a green leaf as well, so maybe thats why you got green tones rather than red (or the red didn’t set, I’d be the last to know). Also since you seem to like to cook, try it with pork chops, in kind of a saltimbocco presentation. The flavors work well together. In Japanese cooking you’ll see it as a garnish on sashimi plates and also done tempura style, in addition to the pickled plums you mentioned.

  2. Jill, So glad you found my blog post. Pork Chops? Yum! That sounds interesting. I’ll have to try that next year when it comes up again. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Lynda

  3. And now I’ve found your tutorials I’ll have to have a go. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Intrigued and about to try to dye a scarf with silk ties. Do I first open the tie and remove the lining, the facing, (the guts) etc?

  5. I am planning to ice dye fabric for my DIL’s , larger than King, quilt. I’m just not too sure I will be able to ice dye such a large piece of fabric, and what I should use to dye it in! It will be in 2 or 3 pieces, and I plan to sew it together before dyeing. Shall I take on a project so large? Sure would hate to ruin expensive PFD fabric! Thanks for your time! (I have dyed fabric before, and have 3 drawers full of pro-chem’s MX reactive dyes)

  6. Diane, That is a large project. Have you done much ice dyeing? If you have and feel confident, go ahead. But if you are hesitating, what about ice dyeing the pieces and then sewing them together. Or you might find you want to cut the pieces up more and piece them together which would be lovely. Or you could cut up all of the pieces smaller and ice dye them and then piece together. As far as what to put them in, the largest containers I’ve used have been garden trays which are about 10 x 20 but you’d need larger for the whole piece. Sounds like a wonderful gift. Good luck and have fun!!

  7. Hello
    I just found your website today. Im a tie dye artist, I also sew and Im hoping to sign up for your classes soon. How much is it to sign up?

    Thank you

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