Check out the tutorials tab above.

Since I started my website back in 2009 I’ve gone from paper crafts to dyeing. I hope you can get some inspiration from them.

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  1. Diane, When you go up to the Tutorial tab, just touch it and there will be a drop down menu of the tutorials. These include ice dyeing, marbling, surface design etc. Click on one of those topics and it will have links to those specific tutorials. Hope that helps. Lynda

  2. I just came across your site and found your techniques very intriguing! Thank you for the inspiration and here’s to making fabulous art in 2021.

  3. Hi there, i’m just looking through all of your beautifullll ice tie diys on pintrest and I was wondering what folding and tying techniques you used ♡
    I too, am a tie dye and ice tie Dyer.c:♡
    It is like medication for me more like meditation
    I sell and donate my items to raise awareness and funds for mental health.

  4. Kelsie, I’m not sure which pieces you are talking about, but if the post you’ve seen is about ice dyeing and the folding is not included in the post, then those folding and tying techniques are part of my Icy Delights class which is available for purchase now for the reduced price of $25. That’s wonderful what you are doing.

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