Since Dave does most of the cooking, you won’t see a whole lot of recipes here. However, I still do some baking. Check out Dave’s recipe index for all of his wonderful creations.

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5 replies to Recipes
  1. Hello Lyndah,

    I have somehow stumbled upon your blog and wanted to compliment you on it. What a pleasant, wise thoughtful and generous soul you project through these pages. Good for YOU!

    I also have a question: On the page with the Dreamscicle recipe you picture a gathering of supplies. I am curious about the really nifty looking stainless steele hotplate thingy you have there. I would love to have something like that, which looks so much easier to clean than an electric coil cooktop. Would you be willing to share where you obtained it?

    Also, you mentioned Oregon Street on one of your posts and it made me wonder where you actually live. I live in Cottage Grove Oregon, which is why I wonder….I thought how lovely it would be were we to discover that we’re erstwhile neighbors!

    Happy New Year to you….

    Susan Laycock
    Absolutely Fabulous Soap Company
    Cottage Grove, OR

  2. Hi Susan, Thanks for dropping by. The silver thingie is my scale to weigh the oils and all.
    I live in Southern Indiana and the light show was on Oregon Street in Evansville Indiana. Nope, nowhere near you!
    Thanks again for dropping by. Lynda

  3. I also stumbled upon this, and I was going to tell you how amazing your blackberry pops where! I love the taste and I would never have thought to use blackberrys. I read you live in Evansville and I can inform you it must be a small word, because I live in Vincennes! hopefully this summer will be nice to enjoy those pops and not too hot again!

    Best Wishes!

  4. Cole,
    So glad you found me and that you tried the blackberry pops! Did you try the blackberry jello? It’s real good too! Thanks so much for dropping by and it IS a small world. I just hope we get some rain this year!

  5. Hi, I got here from a link in a newsletter. It has been so much fun looking at your projects and all the things you have tried. I am looking forward to trying the ice dying, the sun printing, and the bug spray.
    Thanks for the information and giving us the benefit of your experiences.

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