Making an outdoor garden flag

Dave was looking through the shed recently, and found an old flag holder. At one time it had a flag, but it has long since bit the dust! He placed it in the wildflower garden, and then asked me to make a flag for it. Here is how it looks right now, before I’ve added any embellishments.

Since this flag is going to be hanging outside, I wanted to make it with something that would hold up. I purchased this waterproof canvas for purse linings which I have yet to use. I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to sew this fabric.

I decided to use a 90/14 sharp needle and 50 wt Superior Sew Complete thread. So let’s get started.

I measured the flag pole, and decided I wanted a finished flag of 12 x 18 inches. Because I would be adding a hem and a sleeve on the top, I cut my piece 14 x 22 inches.

Now to hem. Using a disappearing ink pen, I marked an inch on all sides. I’m working on the back side of the fabric.

Here it is all marked, ready to be folded.

Now to fold in half to the line. It’s not a good idea to use pins on this fabric because it will make holes. Add clips, and finger press.

Then roll up one more time, and clip. You can again finger press. You can use the iron,  but don’t touch the back of this fabric or you might have a mess on your iron.

Do this on the two long sides, and one short side. Leave the top where you will be making a sleeve. We’ll deal with that later.

Now take this to the machine, and sew a 1/4 inch seam around the three clipped sides.

I then sewed a second hem an 1/8 inch from the end just to secure it. Now to press it on the right side.

For the sleeve end, I turned over the fabric. On the back side measured 18 inches from the finished end and made marks. This is where I’ll be folding over the fabric to make the sleeve.

I made a line from those marks.

Unlike the three sides, I only folded over the end of this side once, and then sewed.

Now we need to fold on the line to make the sleeve and clip.

Turn the fabric over, iron, and then draw a sewing line.

Now back to the machine to sew on that line. I ended up sewing three lines of stitches just to make it extra secure.

And the finished base flag again.

I want to say I was kind of nervous about sewing this fabric. However, I found it really a pleasure to sew. I love how my stitches from my old Elna looked on it. I decided to go with that machine since it is stronger, and really can take about anything I put through it. However, I’m sure my Juki would have been fine too. The only time I had a bit of trouble was in the corners with all that extra layers, but it worked out fine.

Now to decide on what will go on the flag. I’ll be cutting out shapes using the waterproof canvas. Stay tuned!