Feeling Overwhelmed 2021

It’s kind of weird that I’ve been really feeling overwhelmed. But why?

There are so many projects in my head. Several times in the last couple weeks I’ve walked into my studio, and just want to get a dump truck, back it up to the door, and throw all of my stuff in there. Have you ever felt that way? I sure hope I’m not alone.

So I’ve been trying to figure out what is going on. I’ve had some physical issues I’ve had to deal with, but they’ve never got me to this place for this long. The majority of the time I keep busy with my art and the gardening, but this time period it has been hard for me to even write a post.  I will admit that I’ve felt this dump-truck moment before, but it usually goes away quickly.

However, I finally figured it out. The deadline for the SAQA Collaborative Quilt project is this month. I was finished with the four quilts, but still had to add the hanging sleeves and the label, and fill out some paperwork on each one. I’ve been procrastinating because I hate to add sleeves, and I also know that these little art pieces of mine will be off to an exhibit soon and won’t be sitting around my studio. But it was time to start finishing them.

I couldn’t believe that as soon as I started working on them – I made last Wednesday my day to spend all day working on them – the overwhelming feeling lifted! I had no idea how much that project was casting a shadow over my life. So now they are done, and I’m ready to deliver them today.

I’d like to show you all four, and where the design came from on each quilt, but I’ll have to wait a bit longer. It’s been such an interesting project.

So now to clean up the studio, and start working on a few other projects I’ve been wanting to get to.

Gardening is always a priority at this time of the year. Although it competes with my art time, I welcome it. There is something soothing about being outside, weeding while listening to the birds sing.  If I’ve felt down or grumpy walking out the door, when I come in from a gardening session I am at peace. It’s amazing how it calms me down. I can’t imagine not being able to garden.

I’m almost finished with the shade area, and the asparagus patch will need to be cleaned up once we stop harvesting next week. I did buy a new gadget to help me in the garden. I took it for a test drive the other day and it’s a keeper.

I just started working on my Barbara area the other day. Usually by this time of the year it’s finished. The Astilbe plants (the ones with the white flower spikes) were given to me by my fellow master gardener and good friend Barbara Lechner who moved to Washington State several years ago. I think of her often, but especially when I’m out in the garden.

Speaking of Barbara Lechner, when Barbara and I were co-chairs of the 2012 Master Gardener’s Fall Conference we asked Proven Winners to donate a plant for all of the conference attendees. They let us pick out one, and with Dave’s help we chose Brandywine Viburnum. There were a couple left so we took one, which gave Dave and me a total of three. Here they are now. This is the most beautiful native shrub – outstanding all year long.

To keep me from stealing leaves to print from a neighbor’s Oak Leaf Hydrangea, we bought and planted this cutie last year. I’m amazed how it has grown, and now it’s flowering! Looking forward to playing with her leaves soon.

Lastly is one of my favorite plants in the shade garden. This is a  Ligularia dentata Desdemona. I was going to split it this year, but I think I’ll wait until next year. What makes it so striking is that the leaves are dark on the back side. And with this plant, it’s all about the leaves; the flowers aren’t much to write home about.

So that’s what’s going on here. I’m so glad the dump truck didn’t show up!