Fabric Marbling

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  1. Love reading about your creative ventures. Tried marbling fabric and had great difficulty getting the “size” to set up. First day, two containers, one did and one didn’t. Became contiminated and so started over the next day and found a post that used the methocel (what I was using) which said to double the recipe. I did but it really did not work well. Had difficulty getting the paint to “flow” across the top of the size with any consistency. Realize that practice is key but it was disappointing after the first day of trial and error. Next will try with the seaweed substance. I ordered Jo’s dvd and she uses a blender and claims it will set up in an hour. Is that your experience?

  2. Hi Mary, Glad you commented. I had no problem getting the carageenan size to set up. I did it like Jo suggested in her video and it set up in two hours. Everything I’ve read said you should give it several hours to set up or overnight. I’ve only tried carageenan but have heard methocel is harder to use. Lynda

  3. Well all I can say is that marbling can be addictive even if you run into a few snags. Will have to try it again and use the method I saw in Jo’s video. Just too fun so I am not giving up. Your colors are fabulous. I used colored fabrics and did not get the same punch of color.

  4. Mary, It sure is addictive!! Let me know how it goes. I’d love to see your marbling when you’re happy with it. You mentioned you didn’t get the same punch of color. Were you using Golden Fluid Acrylics? Or the Liquitex Soft Body? I’ll be trying other paints in the future but so far both of those work great.

  5. Used some Golden Acrylics and some that weren’t. Real issue was the size……….so I will try again. Building a collection of paints. Built a comb out of bamboo barbecue skewers that I slid through a piece of corrugated card board. Used that to feather the marbling. Worked well if I can fix the other issues…..and it was a creative, inexpensive “tool” that could be adapted in width and number of points.

  6. I tried to access the fabric marbleing (sp?) Tutorials, but I got only the pictures. Am I doing it wrong? Have they been taken down? Would love to read them.

  7. Hi there Linda. I am marvelling over your fabric painting designs! Never seen anything so beautiful as yours! Am so keen on doing Marble dyeing on fabrics just wanting your expert advice.
    What is mixed with the water? Can I use cooking or normal oil?
    Can I use normal fabric dye or acrylic paint? Please can you advise me. Thank you so much 💓

  8. Angie, Sorry it has taken so long to get back with you. You can not use oil. You have to use a product to make the thickened water which is usually carrageenan. You can’t use dyes but you can use acrylic paint. If you check some of my marbling posts I show the results. However, if you really want to learn how to marble, I recommend buying marbling supplies – and you can get them in a kit. Check out this tutorial on Jacquard Marbling Kit – my go-to now for marbling after several years of experimenting with other stuff. https://lyndaheines.blog/2016/07/21/review-jacquard-marbling-kit/

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