Two New Tools

I’m always on the lookout to find tools that make my art easier. This first one really helped me in completing a few of the small quilts I’ve been making for the SAQA Collaborative project.


This is the Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Adjustable Square. Her 6-inch Adjustable Ruler was listed as one of my favorite things in 2017.

What is neat about this tool is that it can make from a 4-inch internal square, to a 24.5 inch outside square. The mini quilts I’m making are 12-inch square. I always have a hard time getting them square, so I hoped this would make that easier. But I also made a quilt where I needed a small inside square. Let me just show you what I’m talking about.

Here is my 12.5 inch square made with the Perfect Adjustable Square.

I wanted to place the cyanotype print in the center of the quilt. However, I also wanted to audition where exactly I wanted to cut it. I could take this square and move it around, finding just the right placement.

I could cut the square with the ruler still on top, but I didn’t want to do that, and that would have been a little tricky. Instead I marked it, and then cut it out with the rotary cutter.

I zigzagged the print to the base fabric, free motioned around the leaves, and quilted the base. Now, it was time to cut it before binding. I placed the quilted piece on top of the backing fabric, added the adjustable square, and cut.

I ended up with the top and backing all ready for binding. For some reason I took this picture with the piece upside down!

Here is the finished quilt.

I see using this tool a lot. It’s easy to use, so flexible as far as size, and just what I wanted and needed for this project.

Here is the other tool. Even though we had a new heating and air installed a couple years ago, it still does not keep my studio cool. One of the problems I’m sure is the large window which is old. And really, even when it’s nice in here, when I sit down at the sewing machine I get really hot. Now I have this fan that keeps me so cool! I bought it at my favorite store, Costco. It not only moves from side to side, but up and down, and it comes with a remote!! How cool is that!! I do need to find a permanent place for it to live, instead of on my table.

I love finding new tools that really work. Have a great weekend, and as always, thanks for dropping by. I’m linking up with Off The Wall Friday.