Solarfast Revisited

I can’t believe it’s been over four years since I played with Jacquard Solarfast. I thought it would be fun to revisit this product, and see what I thought about it now. The original tutorial can be found on this post.


One of the main reasons to use this, in my opinion, is to reproduce photos. Here are ones from that old post. It does a great job on that.


However, I wanted to use it to sun print using botanicals like I did in my last post. For the first several pieces I am using white-on-white printed fabric. I love using it because when you dye or paint it, the image really shows up.

I first tried it with the asparagus ferns. This is the only print that worked, and even in it you can barely see the fern. I printed a couple on plain white fabric, and I ended up with just a colored fabric.


Then I used some fencing that always looks great in any type of printing. It looks like the dragonflies are behind a fence!


Then I used a regular fern from the garden. That made the fabric way too busy. It might work fine if I stitch the ferns though.


The next two are ferns on plain white fabric.


This one I added some needlepoint plastic on top of the ferns giving the background a pattern.


That was fun to use, but you can achieve the same, or better results using other paints. I’d save Solarfast for those photos you want to reproduce. Here is another Solarfast photo print from that old post.


Again, for the tutorial on how to use Solarfast, check out this post. For all of my sun printing posts, check out this link.

Have a great week!