Inspiration in 2021 from Penny

Last week several friends took a 2-hour road trip to Mount St. Francis in Southern Indiana to see Penny Sisto’s new exhibit “Spirit of Love.” If you’d like to see her previous work, check out my three previous posts: 2012, 2014, and 2018. The 2012 posts tells a lot about Penny’s story.

“We live in this Place, at this Time, and yet every step we take falls into the footsteps of those who walked this land before us. And every door we open lets in the Spirits of those who will follow us. May we walk in Harmony between these Two Worlds.”

-Penny Sisto

We chose this day to go to Penny’s exhibit because Penny was giving her talk on her pieces. In the past when I’ve gone to her talks, we follow her as she walks around talking about the pieces. Sometimes it was hard to hear her. Not this time! This was a great set up where we all were sitting, and she was miked so we could hear everything she said. I feel the above photo captured her kind sweet spirit.

Penny’s work always involved eyes which really tell the story. You can feel the emotions of the pieces. Here is my favorite one. Unfortunately, all of her pieces were sold except for five when we were there. I would have loved to have this one.

Here is a closeup.

Frida and The Golden Egg.
Martin Marched
Jimi Hendrix

These two were on the floor in the hall – not hanging with the others but well worth being included.

Thomas Merton

Barbara and I got a picture with Penny.

And the travel buddies. From left to right: me, Cecile, Barbara, and Dawn.

This was just a sampling  of her work. Usually I take more pictures and the titles, but for some reason I didn’t. There were so many beautiful ones I failed to capture. However, they recorded a video of her talk. You can see it here.

If you live in the Southern Indiana/Louisville KY area, her exhibit will be open until July 9. It’s well worth the drive to see these beautiful pieces. Here is a link to the exhibit information on Mount St Francis website.

Lots of inspiration and a great day away. Hope you have a creative weekend. See you next week.