More inspiration from Penny

Barbara and I headed over to the Carnegie Center in New Albany yesterday to get more inspiration from Penny Sisto. Barbara and I try to make day trips to see her art whenever Penny shows it.

This post from 2012 was from her exhibit in Corydon Indiana where Penny met with Barbara and I to talk about her wall hangings. In that post I talk about her life and her approach to her work.

One thing I have to repeat here that I wrote in that old post from 2012 is this: “What I love about Penny besides her talent, is her attitude and willingness to share her knowledge. She is one of the most fearless artist I’ve met – not only with the subjects she tackles, but her ability to use all of those different fabrics and techniques to complete her quilts. If it doesn’t work, she just keeps pushing until it does. She is also approachable, humble, and a genuine spirit.”

Here is post about another of Penny’s exhibits we visited in 2014.

But I wanted to tell you today and show you some of her beautiful work from this year’s exhibit, “The Sixties – Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out” at Carnegie Center in New Albany, Indiana. This exhibit closes April 21. She said that this exhibit took her just seven months to complete!!

This huge piece is called Vote and was made during the last election. “It stresses the importance of every single vote.” It even includes a piece of one of her grandma’s purses. This large piece only took her three weeks to create!

Penny talks to the crowd about Vote

She said while Martin marched, she also marched, but she came  home. What a powerful piece!

Martin Marched in Gold
Jerry Garcia
Jimi ‘Fro
Birds of Passage
Birds of Passage closeup of cat

Penny said this Marilyn took her longer than the large piece Vote.

Janice in Pink
Immigrants Blanket
Bob Dylan
Once Upon a Sky at Sunset
Lennon Sketch
Annie’s House
Owl-Moon Shaman
Solstice Moon

In addition to seeing Penny’s beautiful work, it gave Barbara and me a chance to spend some time with our good friend Joy.

Me, Joy and Barbara

These were just a few of her pieces. I don’t have a favorite in this show. They all are beautiful and have such meaning. If you have a chance and are near Louisville (New Albany is just right across the river from Louisville), check out this exhibit which is open until April 21.

If not, I sure hope I inspired you today. As I mentioned on another blog post, any of her pieces that don’t sell, she will deconstruct and reuse the fabric in new pieces.

In other news, the kitchen project is almost finished, things are beginning to bloom outside, and my studio is a mess! Looking forward to sharing some art soon.