Sewing Hawaiian Fabric

One of my goals this year is to start sewing Hawaiian fabric I’ve purchased. Here are my first projects this week:

Three years ago I wrote a tutorial on making potholders out of recycled fabric. Here is the link.

However, unlike the potholders I made back then, I am using Insul-Bright inside instead of towel. Towel works fine, but I had purchased some of this for another project and thought I’d use it up.

Again I’m using old jeans for the back side. Jean fabric works real well on these potholders. The ones I made back when I posted that tutorial are still working fine although a bit worn, but I wanted to make some new ones for our new kitchen.

The camera strap is also another update. This is the third one I’ve made Dave for his Canon Rebel. I’m still using the one I made back in 2011. It’s doesn’t look quite that nice anymore since it’s gotten lots of use. I need to make a new one for me too! It was inspired by a tutorial in Quilting Arts In Stitches emag. You can see my review of that emag and where I got my inspiration here.

My new camera strap inspired by this Institches issue.

I’ve made all three of Dave’s straps loosely based on the tutorial in that emag. Here is his new one.

My Icy Delights online class has reopened. If you are interested in taking this class, use this link for $10 off. If you’re not familiar with the class, click on the link and watch the promo video. The link will be good until Tuesday, February 6.

That’s all going on here except the kitchen construction. I can’t wait until it’s done!! Have a wonderful and colorful weekend!