How to: New Potholders

The last time I sewed potholders was back in 2018, and they are now in pretty bad shape. It was time to make some new ones. They also make quick and easy gifts.

This is how the old ones looked. That one got too close to the flames!

I love this Hawaiian fabric I bought several years ago on vacation. I used it, recycled jeans for the back, and Insul-Bright for the inside. Over the years I have also used old towels, but the Insul-Bright works better, and I still have some left over from a project awhile back.

I make the loop first. Fold the fabric in half, wrong sides together. Iron it down.

Open it up and fold both sides to the center crease.

Then fold in half again, and press.

Sew 1/8 inch on both sides of the strip.

I’m making four pot holders, so I have them ready and waiting for the next step.

Sew the hanger about an inch or so down from the top on the left side of the front piece.

Here is what it looks like sewn.

Now place the fabric in this order: bottom fabric up, top fabric down.

Add Insul-Bright on top of fabric pieces.

I like to leave the opening to turn inside out, on the bottom of the pot holder so I place a couple clips to remind myself to quit sewing.

Sew 1/2 inch seam all around the pot holder allowing for the opening. Once that is done, snip the corners.

Cut away the extra fabric along the sides except for the side that has the opening.

Now turn inside out.

Fold over the open end.

Iron the whole potholder.

Take back to the sewing machine and stitch about a 1/4 inch all the way around. I usually start near the opening.

You can touch it up with the iron once more and you’re done.

Here are the finished ones.

Meanwhile, I decided to make a few grocery totes. This is the first one. It’s made of jeans donated to me by a friend, and a piece of my sun printed fabric.

I dyed some white jean fabric I bought at a thrift store years ago. Can’t wait to whip up the next two grocery totes.

And I also made some coasters from fabric I had Spoonflower print. They printed my design on canvas which was perfect for this project.

It’s been so much fun to get back into sewing after a long time away from it. I have one more gift project I want to make before I start working on my Christmas ornament for Dave, some cards, and the wall hanging.