Christmas Gift Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for gift ideas; things I can make that won’t take a lot of time but would hopefully be welcomed. I thought I’d share today a few of my favorite gift ideas and tutorials.

We love these grocery totes. They are easy and fast. You can find the tutorial here.

I gave these tissue holders last year to my women’s group. They loved them. I even had several in the group comment months later saying how they really appreciated them. Here is my post where I blog about them, and the link to the You Tube tutorial.

Of course, you could make cards to send, or make a set and gift. These are so simple, and fun. You can also, instead of attaching the fabric piece to the card, you can cut it bookmark size, and make lots of bookmarks for your book-loving friends. Here is the tutorial.

If you want something no sew, this is one of my favorite. I still wear this, and always get compliments on it. And it’s so easy. Here is the post.

Felted soap makes a great stocking stuffer. Here is the link.

Who doesn’t love a pretty scarf? Dyeing silk scarf blanks with men’s silk ties produce some beautiful scarves. And again it’s easy. Here is my tutorial.

Give a gift of your art by mounting it on canvas. See my tutorial here.

Finished project

This last idea is a small bag I just made for my little friend Jillian. It took me less than an hour to cut it out and sew it up. Here is the You Tube link. I see it as a great gift for that young girl in your life. And it’s so cute!!

Just a few ideas to create something made by you for those special people in your life. Or maybe a couple presents for yourself! Thanks for dropping by.