How to: Felting Soap Revisited

With the holidays coming, I thought I’d revisit felting soap which makes great stocking stuffers, and a fun activity with the kids.


You can purchase wool roving from local craft stores, but I found this seller on Ebay and loved their colorways. These two are Rocky Mountains and Southwest. This company only uses US grown wool and alpaca and US dyes. Check them out here.


Here is what you will need:

  • Wool roving
  • bar soap
  • hose
  • bowl
  • hot water
  • towel

Start by wrapping the roving around the bar of soap.


Then wrap the other way.

endofwrapWhen the soap has been covered with roving, dip in hot water.

dunkinwaterRemove from water and make sure the roving completely covers the soap, and then put into hose. I’m using a knee hi.

putinhosePut in hot water and rub.

rubinwaterContinue rubbing. This may take 5 – 10 minutes to felt.

continuerubbingRemove the soap from the hose and check to make sure the roving has been felted onto the soap. You’re looking for the fibers to not come up when you pull lightly. This soap needed to go back into the hose and water for more felting.


Once you are happy with the felting, remove from the hose, rinse, and set out to dry. The felted soap will take about a day to dry.


Then take it to the shower. Soak the felted soap and rub on it until you get a lather. Then use it like a washcloth.


Once the soap is gone you can use the wool as a scrubby, or add it to other roving and felt another bar.

bowloffeltedsoapIn addition to a great stocking stuffer, they look good displayed in a bowl.

Here is the link to my tutorial on WEHT Local Lifestyles.