Adding deColourant

Ice dyeing produces some beautiful fabric. However, there are times when even the final result of that process is just not enough. Adding a layer using deColourant can give you the look you want without adding color.

If you’re not familiar with deColourant, it is a Jacquard product that removes the color, but is easier and much kinder to the fabric. Here is a post I wrote about it a couple years ago.

Let’s start with this ice-dyed piece. I think it’s lovely, but it just needs more. I could add color with stamping or screening, but I thought I’d like to remove the color instead.

icedyeddecol1I picked out one of my thermofax screens that looks like writing. I started at the top of the piece. I decided that I wanted the whole piece covered with the writing. I added the deColourant to the screen and pulled.


Here you can see the design on the top of the piece as I move the screen down the fabric.


After the piece is completely covered it looks like this.

icedyeddecol4I waited for it to dry and then ironed the piece. However, according to Jacquard, iron while wet or use steam. I noticed that it takes longer for the product to work if you iron it dry with a dry iron. I ended up spritzing it with water and ironing.

icedyeddecol5You will notice that it didn’t completely bleach to white. It’s more of a beige color. Here is the finished piece. I love this layer.

icdyeddecol6Here is another finished piece of that dye series that I also used a thermofax screen.


Here is maroon ice dyed piece. It’s okay, but it really needs more.

icedyeddecol10For this one I used a brayer. I spread the deColourant on a gel plate with a regular brayer.

icedyeddecol11Once it was spread, I loaded up the lined brayer.

icedyeddecol12Then I made lines with the brayer all over the fabric.

icedyeddecol13This is how it looked wet.

icedyeddecol14Here is the finished piece – much more interesting.

icedyeddecol7The last example is this raspberry ice dyed piece.

icedyeddecol15For this piece I used a foam stamp. I used the gel plate as a stamp pad.

icedyeddecol16I stamped all over the fabric, adding more circles as I got to the bottom of the piece.

icedyeddecol17The finished piece.


For more information on Jacquard deColourant, check out this pdf. I really love this product where I can add a layer without adding color. Of course, this can also be used on any dyed fabric. Your results will vary depending on the fabric and the dye used.

These pieces now can be washed, and then more layers of paint can be added or can be used as is. Another easy surface design technique.

If you aren’t familiar with ice dyeing or would like to learn more, check out my online class, Icy Delights: Dyeing Fabric With Ice. You can find more information and a promo video on

Hope you are having a colorful week.