Found Canvas

I was cleaning up my studio last week and ran across these four pieces of canvas I had painted using my gel plates.  I had forgotten all about them.


So I decided to cut them up and make cards. I used Sobo glue to glue the fabric to the card.


Here are three of the finished cards.

cardswgelplateI also found these two pieces of canvas that I had used gel medium with stencils.

canvasgelmed1canvasgelmed2Then I found this picture of the canvas that’s sitting in my studio waiting for the next layer. More about it later.


I taught another Easy and Fun Silk Scarf Dyeing class the first Saturday in November. What a great group! All of the ladies left with beautiful scarves. We’ll be having another class in the new year.

november2016classHere are just a few pictures from the class.

Ace poses in front of Mayo’s Garden, my very first ice dyed piece.

aceandicedyeHere is one of my latest rope bowls made with the clothesline I dyed indigo. I love making them. I still have some other dyed cord waiting to be sewn into bowls or plates.

indigobowlThat’s all for today. Looks like we’re finally going to get some winter weather this weekend. We’ve been blessed with beautiful sunny days for the last week. Sure makes my heart happy. Have a good rest of the week. See you soon.