How to: Repurposed T-shirt Scarf

This is such an easy way to repurpose a that t-shirt your still love but doesn’t fit. I did this with a store-bought shirt several years ago and received so many compliments. Now to use one of my ice-dyed shirts to create a lovely scarf.

tshirtscarf11I ice dyed this shirt for Dave awhile back. The cut of the shirt was just not to his liking so since he was never going to wear it I wanted to do something with it. Because the colors are Christmasy, I thought a scarf would be great for me to wear during the holidays.


So let’s get started.  Here’s what you need:

  • tshirt
  • scissors or cutting board and rotary cutter
  • ruler

Cut off the shirt hem and right under the arms. I like to do this with a scissors.

tshirtscarf2Even up the cut edges with the rotary cutter and a ruler. This is an optional step.

tshirtscarf3Next, using a scissors or the rotary cutter, cut  one-half inch fringe eight inches long from one of the cut edges.

tshirtscarf4Continue the width of the fabric.

tshirtscarf5When you are finished, the fringe on the ends will be an inch wide.

tshirtscarf6I take my scissors and cut both of those in half lengthwise.

tshirtscarf7You can leave your scarf alone now, but I like to pull on the fringe so they will curl up.

tshirtscarf8So the finished scarf looks like this.


Now it can be worn several different ways. This one is looped around the neck twice.

tshirtscarf12And the last two.

tshirtscarf11 tshirtscarf10I had forgotten how cute they are and so easy to make. Also, I love they are my ice dyed fabric. Of course, you can use any t-shirt and cut the fringe any length. Easy peasy!

Talking about ice dyeing, I will be closing my Icy Delights online class to new registrations on December 15 until February. So if you are interested in taking the class – which is available for registered students indefinitely – be sure and register before December 15. For my current students, this registration closing will not affect you. If you’d like more information on my class, check out this link.

On the gardening front, I finished my cleanup of the asparagus bed. I weeded and mulched in summer, but I usually don’t cut the ferns down until spring. I decided that once we had a freeze I’d go ahead and cut them down and clean up the bed this month. That should save me some time next spring. Below is the before and after.

beforecuttingaftercuttingThere is still some weeding, but I will probably leave it until spring.

The Nadina plants add some color to the yard.

nadinaAnd the blueberry plants.

blueberriesfallI put the flannel sheets on the bed yesterday. I guess winter is finally here. As always, thanks for dropping by.