My 5 Favorite Creative Supplies

I’ve been thinking a lot about 2017 and what direction I want to take. That brought me to my five favorite creative supplies that help me on this colorful journey. It’s really hard to narrow the list to just five, but here is what I came up with:

I complain about my old Elna, but when I want to get something done quickly, I go to her first before my Brother. I love making my coiled bowls on it. I do miss the automatic up and down of the needle and the needle threader, but she’s such a work horse.


I love these foam daubers. I use them whenever I want to add paint to fabric or cord. I assume they’d also work great on paper. And they can be used over and over again. Tutorial is here.


I’ve been looking at Oliso Pro iron for a long time and finally bought it on sale this year. Love, love, love it!


My ice dye shakers really makes it so much easier to sprinkle the dye over the ice.¬† If you’d like to see how I use these in my ice dyeing, check out my YouTube channel video.


Last, but not least, is fiber reactive dyes. Since I do a lot of dyeing, I couldn’t do it without these beautiful dyes. I buy three different ones: Jacquard, Dharma, and Pro Chem. They all work great and they do have similar colors that split pretty much the same.


While I’m talking about favorites, I have found a new drink. My liquid intake is restricted to a cup of coffee a couple times a week, Chamomile tea, and water. While we were on vacation in the Smokies this past September I found Hint infused water. There are a lot of waters on the market these days, but they are either way too sweet or carbonated which doesn’t agree with my tummy. This water is infused with the flavor and there is zero sugar or sweetener. I have made infused water off and on, but it’s nice to have a variety always available and also ones that I’d never infuse. My favorite is watermelon, although this honeydew comes in a close second.


What are your top five creative supplies?