Mounting a fabric print

I am really trying to make something of the fabric I create. Just like the journal covers I posted about on Saturday, it’s hard for me to cut into my fabric, but I’m pushing through that. Here is my finished mounted on canvas gelatin plate piece made in this gelatin printing post.

Finished project

When I was visiting my artist friend Kathy Sands recently, she showed me some of her work that was for sale in her studio. I loved how she had mounted her prints on canvas.

In the past I’ve wrapped the fabric around the canvas and attaching the fabric with a staple gun. I’ve also added felt to the back of the piece and then glued it on to canvas. But I love how she did this, so I decided to try it on one of my recently completed pieces.

Here are the steps. First take your piece and paint over it with a mixture of 1/2 water and 1/2 liquid matte medium. (I was so scared to do this!)

painting over with matt medium

Let this dry overnight. The next day it will be stiff and really easier to work with. If you wanted to you could do some hand stitching. I decided against that since I was eager to see how it will look “as is” on the canvas.

Then cut the fabric piece to cover the canvas.

Cut piece to canvas sizeYou can cut it larger and just wrap the edges but I wanted it to just cover the front.

Then paint the canvas with the thicker gel medium. I used Golden Regular Gel Gloss because that is all I had, but you could use semi gloss or matte.

Painting canvas with matt mediumPlace the fabric piece over the wet canvas. I started in the top left hand corner and lined it up. Since the canvas is still wet, you have time to move it around if you aren’t happy with your placement.

Placing the fabric over the canvasOnce you are happy with the placement, make sure it is smooth and then paint over it with the heavy gel medium.

painting over the fabric on canvasAfter it was completely covered with the gel medium, I went back over it with a small brush on top and around the edges. I wanted to make sure it was covered completely.

Going over with a small brushAnd again the finished piece.

Finished project

I love how it looks like the piece was painted on the canvas. This would work with all kinds of fabric pieces. Sure wish I would have known about this technique before the last exhibit. Thanks Kathy for the tips. I will be mounting more of my fabric pieces this way.

If you have a favorite way to mount your fabric pieces, I’d love to hear from you.