Summer sewing and dyeing

I have been keeping busy this summer with gardening and all, but I also have been really getting into sewing.

I had mentioned earlier that I was making some journal covers for Chemo Buddies, a local not-for-profit using fabric that was given to me by my friend Donna. Well, I finished eight and sent them on their way. This is a project I’ve wanted to do for years and just couldn’t seem to get the confidence to make them. I am so glad I did.

Journal covers for Chemo Buddies

Then my friend Barb wanted a few for some new friends. This time I wanted to use my fabric. One of the things I’ve struggled with is cutting into my fabric and really using it. This was a great exercise to help me push through that. Here are four from my fabrics. I’m really happy how they turned out.

The blue piece on the left is my dyed fabric and then stamped with decolorant.  The other journal cover is made from my sun printed fabric.


The last two are two are made with my recently dyed pieces.


Since a couple readers have asked me about the inside of these journals, I’ve updated this post with a picture of the inside. There is a pocket in the front cover and a loop for a pen on the back cover. These covers are made for composition books, but can also cover other journals depending on their size.

Inside journal cover

I also sewed Dave a new apron from fabric we bought in Hawaii this past January.

Dave in his new apron

I have to mention the kitties are a big help in the studio. Here is Ace in the scrap container.

aceinscrapsBut usually it’s Puddin whose sleeping there.


I’m also still dyeing. Last year I dyed Martha’s daughter Jillian some clothes for her first birthday. This year I dyed her a couple shirts and this dress.

Jillian's dress

And here is my shirt that matches.


Then Dave and I have matching shirts. We’ve not yet worn them together!


When we were in Australia a couple years ago everyone was wearing dresses with leggings. I love the look and wanted to dye a dress to wear like that.


I also played again with Colorhue dyes. If you are interested in these easy dyes, check out this post.

orange scarf

colorhue scarf

I bought this bag at Mother Teresa’s Treasures, the thrift store where I volunteer. I think today may be the day I paint it!

flowerbagWell, that’s all for now. The weather here has turned hot or really normal for August which is a great excuse to stay in and play. Hope you are keeping cool. Thanks for stopping by.