Cat Sanctuary

While in Maui, we took the ferry over to Lanai to visit the Lanai Cat Sanctuary. Since we were missing our kitties, this was a great way to get our kitty fix.

Before telling you about the cat sanctuary, I wanted to show you a picture out the front of the van on the way. It really looked surreal to me.

This is a three-acre area on this small island that takes in feral and other abandoned cats, feeds them, takes care of their medical issues, and provides a safe place for them to live. Keeping the feral cats here also helps to save the endangered birds and reduces the cat overpopulation. They currently have 570 spayed/neutered cats. Cats with FIV or other illnesses have their own separate area. They are now building a new area just for the senior citizens.

After the tour, we were left to just hang out with the kitties. Some were real friendly; others left us alone. Dave was a cat magnet, especially this yellow tabby took to him immediately.

They were everywhere.

This sweet little girl didn’t want to leave my lap.

Giving out treats makes them all come running and jumping.

And a few of the pretties.

After visiting the cat sanctuary and getting our cat fix, we were taken to the downtown area to eat. We chose Pele’s, since they had wraps. The inside looked like a 50s diner.

After lunch, the tour guide picked us up to tour this small island. One of the places we stopped for pictures was the Garden of  the gods. It was so windy!

After the 3-hour tour, he dropped us off at the ferry just in time to make the 4:30 trip back to Maui. What a fun day.

Tuesday we will be starting our partial kitchen and bath renovation. We’ll be replacing the counter tops, back splash, fixing a couple of the cabinets and adding a new microwave. We also are removing the ceramic tile in both the kitchen and the bathroom. I’m sure not looking forward to the mess!!

The new microwave, the instapot, coffee pot and a hot plate are now in my dye studio (garage) where we’ll be cooking for the next couple of weeks. I know it will be nice when we’re done, but I sure am dreading it right now. But the sun is out today and even though it’s cold, it was a great day for a walk. Hope it’s sunny in your neck of the woods.