Dyeing White-on-White

Even though I’ve been busy with re-entry from vacation, I took time to dye some strips of the white-on-white fabric. I was really happy with the results, and now to decide what colors I’m going to use on these. All of these are 100% cotton except the first piece. For some reason the fuchsia pieces in this photo turned out more purple than the actual fabric. See the individual pieces for the correct colors.

I wasn’t sure how this cotton/poly fabric would dye. I’m sure there is poly in the background since it didn’t dye as dark as the others, but I love it!

When I bought this pineapple print, I told the saleswoman I was dyeing it. She said the pineapples are stamped so they would stand out. Exactly what I wanted. Usually when I mention I’m going to dye the fabric, the salesperson gives me a funny look. It was nice that she acted like everyone came in and bought white-on-white to dye!

These dragonflies are so cute.

Here is the other Hawaiian print.

This is the black and white fabric I was drawn to. It was so pretty the way it was, but I wanted to see what color would look on it. I wasn’t sure how it would dye, but I’m really happy with it.

In addition to settling back in to the routine, the contractors are coming next week to tear out our flooring and countertops. This renovation involves moving a lot of stuff and setting up a temporary kitchen in our garage. Yesterday I called our handyman to come take a look at our roof due to the ceiling damage from all of the ice and snow that sat on our roof while we were gone. Our landline hasn’t been working so the internet service guy just came out and replace our modem. Oh, the driver side door of my car won’t open from the inside. To open it we roll down the window and open from the outside. I’m calling the garage today to see when they can get it in this week. Wow! What a crazy week before the renovation! But in a couple weeks all will be done.

So back to the fabric, do you have a favorite? Now to decide what to make with them. Thanks for dropping by.