Review – In Stitches Vol 2

Since we bought identical cameras for Christmas, I’ve been wanting to make a cover for my camera strap to distinguish my camera from hubby’s. I just had no idea where to start and this might have been one of those projects I put on the back burner until I downloaded this emag.

I was excited to be able to review this new Quilting Arts In Stitches Vol. 2 emag which has just been released. I am one of those people who love to hold the book or magazine and not particularly read it online, but this issue really changed my mind.

In Stitches Vol 2
In Stitches Vol 2

Before going on with the review, I’ll give you a peak at my new camera strap. It’s made from a piece of my snow-dyed material.

My new camera strap inspired by this Institches issue.
My new camera strap inspired by In Stitches Vol. 2 issue.

Quilting Arts in Stitches Vol. 2 focuses on hand and machine stitch techniques. This volume offers a variety of articles and projects, including:

  • Thread–painted Pet Portraits with Faith Cleary: Watch Faith’s demonstration of how to machine stitch gorgeous pet portraits.
  • Artist Profile of Marianne Burr: Delve into the colorful, vibrant hand stitching world of Marianne and enjoy her slide show gallery.
  • Using Stitch as a Design Element with Lyric Kinard: Learn how to use machine quilting to resolve design challenges with Lyric’s fabulous tips.
  • In the Studio with Judith Trager: Watch Judith’s approach to design, and learn her method for making free-motion satin stitched motifs.
  • Metallic Thread: Without the Tension Headache with Liz Kettle: Get Liz’s tips for success in working with metallic threads.
  • Book Your Passage with a Stitch Passport with Debbie Bates: Explore stitchery in a workbook format and learn Debbie’s process and design tips.
  • Sheer Stitched Silhouettes with Deborah Boschert: Learn how to use sheer layers to create more depth in art quilts.
  • Embroidered Silk Cuff with Jackie Cardy: Create a neat, colorful, and fashionable stitching project with Jackie.
  • Screen-printed Fabric Pendant with Lynn Krawczyk: Join Lynn in making a quick and easy stitching project that you can wear.
  • A Stylish Stitched and Painted Camera Strap Cover with Michelle Allen: This tutorial really jazzed up my photo strap!
Camera Strap Cover
Camera Strap Cover

Her tutorial was so easy and I also could download the pdf for my files and read offline. She painted muslin, but I used some of the fabric I dyed earlier in the month. I added some felt circles and stitching. So cute and so easy!

Closeup of my camera strap
Closeup of my camera strap cover

What I loved about this emag is that it had so many interesting articles. First of all, I was so excited to see the tutorial on the camera strap cover.

Then being able to watch Faith Cleary’s tutorial – step by step – on creating her thread-painted pet portrait. Pokey Bolton asks Faith questions as she continues the tutorial, many of the questions I would have asked. It was like being in the room with Faith. There is also a pdf to download.

The tips with working with metallic thread with Liz Kettle were great. I feel like I know Liz from reading two of my favorite books by hers – Fabric Embellishing: The Basics and Beyond and Threads: The Basics and Beyond. Her information has really given me the courage to try these threads.

I also want to make the thread fabric pendants and embroidered silk cuffs – way cute!

This issue is chocked full of tips, tricks, information, and projects. It’s so easy to move around in, compatible with my Mac, and fun to hear and see the artists. I really liked this emag and look forward to QA’s Vol. 3.

Quilting Arts in Stitches Volume 2 is available as a digital download for $14.97/issue at the Quilting Daily online store. The eMag is compatible with Macintosh and PC computers, with minimum system requirements of Intel Core™ Duo or Intel™ Pentium™ III processors, respectively. The eMagTM is built using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Flash CS5 Professional, with a custom digital viewer that runs on the Adobe AIR platform.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this emag from the publisher for review purposes. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own. I was under no obligation to offer a positive review and received no monetary compensation.