Printed Fabric Bee: Ice Dyeing with Color Magnet

This is the third in my series this month on using resists with ice dyeing. This is also posted on The Printed Fabric Bee blog.

Oh, how I love Jacquard Color Magnet! Since I love ice dyeing and Color Magnet, I wanted to see how they would work together. Color Magnet isn’t really a resist but a color attractant, but I still thought I’d put it in the resist category.


If you’re not familiar with Color Magnet, I wrote several posts about it including this one. I received several questions after that post that I wrote a follow up  Color Magnet Q & A post.

For the above fabrics I pulled the Color Magnet through my thermofax screen. After the Color Magnet dried, I ice dyed with Cerulean Blue (left)  and Brushed Steel (right). As you can see, the Color Magnet and ice dye worked great on Cerulean Blue, a “pure” dye. However, it didn’t do so well with Brushed Steel due to the way the dye breaks out during the ice dyeing process.

So from my limited experience with combining CM and ice dyeing, I’d recommend just using “pure” dyes or those that don’t “split.” This was a scarf I did the same process on again with Cerulean Blue. The silver marks are Silver DeColorant.


Well, that’s all for this week’s post. I have one more post on resists with ice dyeing. Next week I’ll post my giveaway too.