Dyeing White on White/ Black on White

I haven’t purchased much commercial fabric since I really enjoy dyeing, but when I’m in a fabric store I always check out the white on white and black on white fabric. These are pretty as is, but I like them much better with color. Since I’m into turquoise, I dyed these pieces with that color in my Wonder Washer so I would get a solid color. Just in case you aren’t familiar with this machine, here is my tutorial on the Wonder Washer.

First up are black on white. The fabric is beautiful white, but color, for me, really improves it.

Then we have the white on white. The design on these two pieces could barely be seen. But when you add color, the design comes out. I was so amazed at these pieces. Unfortunately, I only have a fat quarter of each.

Here are more white on white. You just never know how these white on white pieces are going to dye. The print on the left I bought years ago in Hawaii. You can hardly see the pattern on the white background.

The picture below doesn’t do the first piece justice. The dark circles sparkle. It was an interesting piece, but again color changes everything.

I had a few more pieces, but I didn’t have room in the Wonder Washer. I’ll have to dye them next time. I’m always amazed how a little color really brings out the beauty of these fabrics.

Hope you are having a good weekend. I’ll show you what I’m up to with all of this turquoise madness next week. As always, thanks for dropping by.