Feb/March Challenge Week 2

Well, here we are on week two. I don’t know about you, but the fact that I’m not under any pressure to do something every day has really motivated me to get things done! I am looking forward to hearing how your week went.

I saw this tutorial on swoonsonsays on how to make a cat cube bed. I had seen one I liked but it was pretty pricey. Considering I’m wanting this for Molly, and she is pretty particular, I didn’t want to spend the money and her not use it. So I followed the instructions using fusible fleece as an alternative to postal envelopes that she used for the walls. It was a great idea, but fusible fleece is not strong enough. I thought about using foam which is great for some purses, but I really hate to sew with it. Anyway, I ended up reinforcing the sides with cardboard. It’s okay, but nothing to write home about.

At least Ally got in it. Molly wanted nothing to do with it. She rather have a plain box or a rope bowl.

I also worked on that SAQA quilt I can’t show you. Here is another sneak peek of the quilting. I will finish it this week since it’s due on the 15th.

I ended up cleaning  and oiling my sewing machines after I finished the cheesecloth word skins project.

I also spent some time going through fabric in bins. They spurred an idea for a future project. While organizing I moved this scrap bag to my table. I started playing with the fabric, and somehow or other I screwed up my Juki. Hopefully, I can get her in to the shop this week. But not all is lost. I have my Elna and Singer as backups.

Even though it looks like I didn’t get much done, I felt like I really accomplished a lot, or more than usual. I’m looking forward to this week. I’ll be posting at least one tutorial but that will be a later on this week. I get my second vaccine this morning, so I have reserved this afternoon and tomorrow to just take it easy.

Would love to hear and see what you have done this past week. If you’d like to link up your blog, please do so below. Or leave me a comment on what you got accomplished this past week. See you soon.

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