Feb/March Challenge Week 1

Today we are starting the Feb/March Challenge. At the end of the post you can add your blog post to this party!  If you don’t have a blog, just tell us in the comments what you are doing.  For more information on this challenge, check out my last post here.

I’ve not decided exactly what all I’ll be working on over the next eight weeks, but definitely I have several projects in mind.

This first one I’m working on and finishing up is for my tutorial  for tomorrow on Cheesecloth Words Skins. Here is the skin I made.

I won’t be able to show you this 12 x 12 art quilt I’m working on until this summer when the SAQA Indiana Collaborative Challenge is over. It’s a fun challenge where each group gets a photo from the person in front of them (think telephone tag) to begin the process. So I received a photo from Laurel. I have until February 15 to get my quilt finished. At that time I will take a picture of my finished quilt and send it to the person next on the list. She will make a quilt from my design. And it goes down the line every month. So at the end of the project in May we’ll have the original picture and the four quilts that came from it. As I said, I will be sending the picture of my quilt in February. Laurel, who is ahead of me will be sending a picture of her art quilt that she made from the picture she was sent my the woman in front of her! It will be so neat to see the results. But I can show you a peek!

I definitely will finish the SAQA CoronArt. It was due in January but they pushed the deadline back to April. It’s almost done except for the facing and the sleeve.

I also have a couple videos I want to shoot, and I’m still working toward that online class on resists. The class has taken a back seat to other stuff that I felt needed to be put in front of it. And there are always more tutorials in the mix.

Then, of course, the scroll stories piece.

Well, those are my ideas for what I’ll work on this week and the upcoming weeks.

Now Let’s see yours.


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