Using stencils with stitching

If you are like me, you have lots of stencils. I use stencils with my fabric, but not as much as I want to so I’ve been again trying to think of ways to create with them. I discovered they make wonderful background designs.

I’m starting with my stencil and my Frixion pen. I love that this stencil makes it easy to match the lines to make a larger piece.

You don’t have to worry if your lines aren’t perfect since you’ll be able to erase them with the iron once you are finished stitching.

Instead of batting I used a recycled black wool sweater, and I have also added my red background fabric. The wool made the stitching so much fun! I am using Isacord 40 Red in both the top and bobbin. I tried using my gray bobbin thread but I could still see the bobbin thread on the top. Also, I used the black wool, because even with red in both top and bobbin, I’d pull through the white batting. So now it’s all pinned and ready for the sewing machine.

Let’s get started!

I changed my mind a couple times when I started sewing this. I first thought I’d just sew the circles, but realized that really messed up the pattern. So it ended up with a lot of stopping and starting, but I thought it was well worth the effort.

And a closeup before I ironed off the black pen marks.

Here it is finished. If you missed my previous post where I used this background, here is the link.

But I also tried it with another stencil. I had thought about just following the lines on the resist fabric, but changed my mind and used this stencil. I used white thread because I didn’t want the stitching to stand out.

When I started to learn free motion, I took several online classes. It was recommended that you practice with fabric that has large designs you can just sew around. This really serves the same purpose, since I’m adding a design to stitch around. Also, if you aren’t real comfortable with freelancing it, this gives you a guide. And I like it because I can use my favorite stencils as designs.

After dealing with ice for several days, we got six inches of snow. It’s so pretty, but it’s cold. It was about 11 degrees when I took this picture yesterday.

Hope you are staying warm and having a good week. For some inspiration, check out the links  on Peacock Party and Off The Wall Friday.