Frixion Pens with Free Motion

I recently ran across a video by StitchesbyJulie where she used Frixion Pens with Free Motion. They are just what I’ve been looking for. Now I can draw on fabric and then erase it with the iron when I’m done.

Before I proceed, these pens are not specifically made to use on fabric. Test on your fabric to make sure they work for you. I have several of those erasable pens for fabric and never really liked how they made marks. These are gel pens so they make great drawing pens on fabric.

So to get started, start drawing. If you make a mistake, you don’t have to worry because the lines will all be erased. The eraser on the pens does not work on fabric. In order to erase the design, you need to iron it.

Now I ‘m ready to take to the sewing machine and free motion.

Continue until done. You can still see the drawing.

Now iron over the design and all of the blue will be gone.

Then I added color using Inktense blocks. Instead of water, I’m using GAC 900.

After completed and the fabric is dry, heat set with the iron.

These pens sure make drawing on fabric much easier. So easy and so much fun. More to come.

UPDATE: Kathy asked me to experiment to see if the lines appear with cold temps. From everything I’ve read, if the fabric gets real cold, the lines will appear. So I decided to take this piece and put it in the freezer. I checked at 2 hours and there were no lines. However, at 4 hours the lines had returned. So it’s something to think about if you leave your quilts or whatever you use these pens on in a cold 0 degree area. I don’t see me doing that, but something to consider. Here is a picture of the fabric showing the returned lines.

However, I did take it back to the iron and they again went away. Just some food for thought.