Bohin Markers

After the last post using those Frixion Pens and then reading some blogger reviews, I decided I’d go back to my stash and try the Bohin Markers. I’m making a quilt for The House Quilt Project, and I really didn’t want to risk the chance that my lines might reappears.

Here I’m auditioning the kitties for the quilt. We’ll have two cats in the yard (life used to be so hard). Now I hope I’ve got you all singing that song!

I started making the kitties by drawing on my fabric. This set comes with white and colored chalk, a sharpener, and the chalk holder with an eraser.

I have several pens that mark in white, but I often need color. I really like that this set has so many colors. Before drawing on this fabric, I ironed it to Pellon SF101 (same interfacing I used for the printed leaves).

Next, I took the fabric to the machine and free motion stitched around the kitty. After completing that I drew in  the eyes, nose, and mouth with a Micron. Then I erased the blue marker.

I added color using the Inktense Blocks and GAC 900. I heat set and cut out, and they are now ready to add to projects. And like those printed leaves, I had a hard time stopping at a couple!!

The only drawback with these markers is that the line is not quite as thin as the Frixion. But they work great. I feel comfortable with the fact that the lines will not return.

As mentioned earlier, I’m going through my scrap bin and trying to use up some scraps. Here are a couple blocks I made. The first is the traditional way of making the pickup stick block. It turned out fine, but it reminded me why I quit traditional quilting. There’s too much emphasis on perfect.

So I did the next one my way. I tore the strips and then sewed them down! Much easier. Not quite as pretty, but less frustrating for me!

And always thinking about patterns, I baked these pizzelles for a party this week, and just love how pretty they are. I always say I’m going to see of I can transfer the design to fabric.  For those of you not familiar with pizzelles, they are made in an iron, similar to waffle makers, only a lot smaller. I’ve thought about putting a piece of paper inside the iron and imprinting it. I could then scan into my computer and print out. I might have to try that this year.

I also have been dyeing a little -just some basic low immersion hankies for my women’s group.

That’s all for now. Would love to hear about your favorite marking pen. Check out some inspiration at Off The Wall Friday.