SAQA Collaborative Project

I mentioned quite awhile ago that I was involved with the Indiana SAQA Collaborative Project, and I can finally show you the results of this experiment. The project is based on the Telephone game a lot of us played as a child, only with textiles instead of talking.

I’ve attached a video of the exhibit so you can see the whole project, but let me explain first about this fun activity.

There were three groups of five artists. Each of us started with a photo from our collection. This could be anything. I chose this picture from our trip to Burano, Italy in 2006.

Each of the artists sent an email of their chosen picture to the person behind them in the group. From that picture that artist created a 12 x 12 inch art quilt. She would then send an email picture of her art quilt interpretation of the picture to the next person. That person would create their interpretation of that art quilt and send her art quilt picture on and so forth. So for every original picture we ended up with four quilts. As with the telephone game, often what is said at the beginning is nothing like what ends up at the end!

Here are the ones I interpreted. The first was the original picture from the person in front of me, Laurel Izard. During this whole process I always received from Laurel and sent to the person behind me, Amy O’Connell.

I love the picture of sand and rock that started this series. I decided to keep with the beach scene but replace the sand with my glue resist dyed fabric representing water, and a safe green edge to stand on. This piece I called Near The Edge.

The second in my group was this art quilt from Laurel. From now on I won’t know what the original photo looked like. This was Laurel’s interpretation.

I took the lines and shapes from her art quilt, but let my fabric dictate the outcome. I started with this dyed fabric I printed by putting dye on the plastic and placing the fabric on top. It was so loud and reminded me of talking, that I just had to add the commercial word print to add to the noise. The title is Word Noise. I love how my noisy piece changed the direction of the group’s quilts!

Here is the next one of Laurel’s. I loved her colors and loved the lines.

Inspired by the colors and the angles of Laurel’s quilt, I saw a window to the world. Adding a curtain to my window, I could look out and see the sun and the beauty beyond my space. All fabrics are my hand-dyed or printed. This one is called Outside My Window.

The last one from Laurel.

The beautiful Gingko cyanotype print quilt inspired me to follow with my cyanotype print of Nandina leaves framed with my dyed fabric.

This and two other SAQA exhibits at Audubon Park in Henderson, Kentucky open this Thursday. The exhibit will be up until November 28.

Here is the video of this show so you can see all of the pictures and the quilts. If you are viewing this post in your email, you will need to come to the website to view it. Click on the link below to view.

SAQA Collaborative-4

Have a great week!!