10 Things I Love About Winter

In an attempt to suck up a few more weeks (months?) of winter,  I made a list of ten things I LOVE about winter. Well, here it is, not exactly in order but how they came to me this morning:

  1. Able to wear my Smart Wool socks
  2. Going to bed early and not feeling guilty
  3. Sleeping late and not feeling guilty
  4. Lack of sore muscles
  5. Soup, especially Dave’s Hot and Sour
  6. Hot cocoa in the evening
  7. More time to spend on artsy indoor activities
  8. Watching TV in the evening under the blankie with our fur kids
  9. Hot tubbing
  10. More time to catch up on my reading

So now, does that make me look forward to the remaining winter days? No, but at least I did come up with 10 good things. What’s on your list? Meanwhile, I need to return to my “Come on Spring” chant.