Shea Mango Body Whip

I’m still looking for that perfect body whip and I think I found it!

The Mango Body Butter I made several weeks ago is great, but it’s really a butter. It whips up nice, but doesn’t stay soft. I still like it, but I want something that stays soft. I had made one for my friend Deegee last year but I can’t remember which formula I used, so I thought I’d start from scratch.ย  I know hers had a lot of shea. Here is what I made yesterday.

Shea Mango Body Whip
Shea Mango Body Whip

I noticed when I was filling the jars that it wasn’t setting up so fast like it the Mango Body Butter did.

Shea Mango Body Whip
Shea Mango Body Whip

But the real test is what it feels like today, one day later.

Mango Shea Body Whip
Mango Shea Body Whip

Today it’s just as soft and creamy as when I whipped it up yesterday and just what I wanted for some Christmas gifts. I wanted it to smell like chocolate but I used all of that fragrance oil up on the soap we made several weeks ago that I’ve yet to post about!

Here is the recipe if you want to try your hand at this body whip.

Mango Shea Body Whip [print_link]

60% shea butter

10% coconut oil

10% sesame seed oil

10% evening primrose

10% avocado butter

1% Mango Sorbet fragrance oil (or any fragrance oil you like)

Put the shea, coconut and avocado butter into a double boiler (or a glass measuring container sitting on top of a canning ring in a sauce pan with water). Warm the butters and oil until soft – not melted. Take off the heat and add the other two oils. Add the fragrance oil and then whip. I use my immersion blender wand that I use for soap making. Keep whipping until it is the consistency you want.

Put in jars and cap. There you have it! A great body whip.

Some substitutions – For the last 40% you don’t have to use four different oils. You can add any fixed/carrier oils including coconut, soy, almond, olive etc. The ones I used, I’ve been wanting to use them in a product and haven’t done much with them. Sesame seed oil (not the kind you cook with) helps with inflammation and itching. Evening Primrose oil helps in skin hydration and avocado butter is really just a great butter on its own.

A word about shelf life. Most of the oils I used have a long shelf life except for the sesame seed oil which only has a shelf life of 9-12 months. I am hoping the recipents of this whip will use it within the year. To be safe without putting in a preservative, I’d throw any of this left over after 9 months. But I know there won’t be any left over from my jar!

Now that I’ve posted about this whip I won’t lose it!

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