Review: Havel Embroidery Scissors

I love tools – good tools. When I interviewed Terry White recently for my column, Telling Your Story, for our local Scripps Howard newspaper, as I was leaving she gave me a pair of these scissors.

Havel Embroidery Scissors
Havel Embroidery Scissors

“Try these and see what you think,” she said. I thought that was sweet of her to give me a pair, but really what was I going to do with embroidery scissors?

As soon as I opened the box and saw the pink handles and the blade cover I was impressed. But how do they work?

At the time I was working on that fabric book for Marsha and Tony. When finishing it up, I tried using them to snip some of the rogue threads.

Oh my! With their curved tips I could get in real close to the edging and cut off those stray ends. I fell in love with them! I found when I was working on other projects I was grabbing them instead of my other small scissors. I had to stop myself when I was about to cut paper. No, these babies are for fabric.

Even though I don’t embroider, I have been amazed at how often I have been using them.¬† They are my go-to scissors when I need to snip some close work. I love that they are lightweight and they cut so smoothly. I also like that the handle grips feel comfortable in my chubby fingers. The blade cover that protects these high quality Japanese stainless steel blades is an added bonus.

I have a bunch of scissors, but these have moved up to one of my favorites. I look forward to checking out Havel’s other scissors and rotary cutters.

Pros: Lightweight, blade cover, curved blades to get a close cut, comfortable grips with large holes for my fingers, smooth precise cutting, stainless steel blades

Cons: Can’t buy them locally

These 5 1/2 inch embroidery scissors can be purchased online for $18 from Havel.