Valentine Card

Every year I try to make hubby a different valentine card. Last year’s post HERE shows some of the ones I’ve made in the past.

Last year I made him this wall hanger. I had forgotten that I had used my sewing machine last year to make this. It’s put together with stuff found in my craft room. I used that heavy duty fusible bond to the material to give it some weight. I printed on the ribbon using this technique. His valentine message is on the back.

2010 Valentine
2010 Valentine

I can’t show you his for this year since he reads my blog, but can show you a card I created to get me thinking about his card.

This was just a quick idea so please excuse my sloppy sewing. I took strips of fabric and sewed it to the card. I then cut out a heart, backed it with fusible web and attached to card. Lastly, I sprayed it all with glitter spray paint. The spray looks real pretty on the card but the photo doesn’t show it. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been working on for Valentine’s Day this year.

What are you making?