Cheap Art Journaling

Yesterday I had to get cat litter so why not stop by the craft stores on my way?

Hobby Lobby was my first stop. The last time I was in there I bought two large sheets of Archers watercolor paper for 39 cents each. I wish I would have bought the whole bin. My August 2011 journal is made from that paper. I absolutely love, love, love that paper.

No big bargains so I moved on to Michaels. They’ve had some pretty good deals lately. Yesterday I didn’t have anything much in mind except maybe picking up some cheap paint.

I’ve been working on my Fearless Art Journaling class that I’ll be teaching at the local library this October. I’m looking to make this journal as cheap inexpensively as possible. I’ve been using my Golden Paints for my journals and they are wonderful – but a bit pricey for this type of project.

That thinking brought me to the acrylics at Michaels. Not all of them were on sale (I found out that at the register and had her take them back – no full price for me!!) but the ones that were cost 29 cents!! Wow! I could have bought a boat load, but thought I’d just try a few of these. And look at the pretty colors.

Acyrlic paint bargains
Acyrlic paint bargains

That orange one reminds me of dreamsicles! Yum! I noticed the red shades were not on sale. I was amazed – 29 cents!

I’ve been working on different papers to see what I want to use in the class. I made the following journal out of file folders, playing with different techniques.

The cover of my file folder art journal
The cover of my file folder art journal

Here are some of the pages.


Not many words in this journal. I was focusing on techniques and seeing how paint, gesso, and sprays worked with the file folders. I assume the cheap acrylics I purchased yesterday should produce the same results, but I’ll need more practice. Hate that!! 🙂