Easy Homemade Lotion

I have been on the quest for a nice thin lotion that is easy to make and doesn’t involve lots of ingredients. I didn’t want to use a preservative or have to refrigerate it between uses.

I also wanted a lotion that was not greasy – that I can put on and go. This one is real close.

easy lotion
easy lotion
Easy Homemade Lotion[print_link]

1 cup of distilled water

3/4 cup of oil

1 Tablespoon of cocoa butter

1 Tablespoon of beeswax

Vitamin E

Essential or fragrance oil (optional)

So let’s get started.

Pour water into blender. This could also be made in a bowl with a stick blender.

Pour water into blender
Pour water into blender.

Next combine the oil, cocoa butter and beeswax in a glass container and melt in the microwave. Or you could melt this in a double boiler which is what I usually do.

After melted, add Vitamin E. I have liquid and used 10 to 15 drops. If you have capsules, add several.

Next, turn on the blender and pour this oil mixture slowly into the water.

Pour melted oils into blender
Pour melted oils into blender

Blend until completely mixed. It doesn’t take long and you will have lotion. If you are adding fragrance or essential oil, add it now. Since I didn’t want this scented, I left this out. As far as how much to add, it depends on how strong of a smell you want. Add fragrance, blend and test until you get the scent strength you want.

Newly created lotion
Newly created lotion

Pour into your containers.

Pour new lotion into containers
Pour new lotion into containers.

Add lids and you have your new lotion.

Easy Homemade Lotion
Easy Homemade Lotion

But WAIT! I found that those containers didn’t work real well for this thin lotion. You could use a spoon to dip it out and use, but I really prefer to squirt it out a bottle so I moved my batch to lotion bottles. Much better.

New lotion bottled up
New lotion bottled up

This recipe is really flexible since you can add any liquid oil you want to. For my liquid oils I used rice bran and fractionated coconut oils, but you could use olive oil or other oils you might have around the house.

I like making this small batch. When I made the Dreamsicle lotion I had to use preservatives and I made too big of a batch. By the end of the second bottle I was tired of the scent! Since I will probably use this batch up in the next month, I’m not concerned about it going bad. Also, each of the oils have shelf life of a year.

I love the feel of this lotion and I like the fact I can whip a batch up in a hurry.

I see more experimenting in the future. This would be a perfect lotion to use my calendula infused oil. Unfortunately I didn’t have any infused for this batch. And talking about calendula, we are going to grow it this year. (I’ve been purchasing dried online.) If you want to read about growing it, check out Frugally Sustainable, where she is discussing this healing flower.

Please make sure that when you are making this or any other body care product that you take care that your containers and measuring spoons, etc. are sterilized. Do not introduce water into this product. If it at all looks funky, throw it out. If you want to be extra safe, either refrigerate or add a preservative.

Do you have an easy lotion recipe you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it. And if you try this, please let me know how it works for you. Have a great weekend.