Ace – He’s the Best!

It’s now been almost two months since Ace came to live with us at Happy Acres. He was almost 5 months old – born 3/19/2012.

Ace in his bed the second day – August 12, 2012

We kept him in the bathroom away from Puddin for the first three days. She was outside the door trying to figure out who he was. But once he was out, he was everywhere and the games began.

August 16, 2012: Ace peeking out from under the couch.
August 16, 2012: Ace peeking out from under the couch.

And the same day playing on the tower.

Ace trying to get Puddin's tail.
Ace trying to get Puddin’s tail.
Ace in container
August 25, 2012: Ace sitting in a container on the floor in my studio/woman cave.
Ace sitting on my lap
August 31, 2012: Then came the lap sitting.

He’s quite a lap cat. He usually spends some time with me in the morning while I’m checking my email. But then maybe he just wants to sit on my chair.

Ace enjoying my chair
September 1, 2012: Ace enjoying my chair
Ace naping
September 13, 2012: A closeup of Ace napping

Then my two boys. Ace, the black and white one, is getting so big!

Dave and Ace
September 12, 2012: Dave and Ace
Ace, the sock thief
September 13, 2012: Now I know where those socks go!
Ace and Puddin
September 14, 2012: Ace and Puddin catching up on their reading.

It has been so much fun having a kitten in the house. He and Puddin have become fast friends. He has quite a bit more energy than she does but she loves him. They are a great match. They spend a lot of time playing and racing around the house. Well, that’s when they’re not napping or sitting on our laps. And he’s growing so fast!

On a sad note, in August we took Dusty back to the shelter after six months. That was very difficult. Dave and I have both had a lot of cats in our lives and never had to return one. But we tried. We really though that he’d adjust. We decided in that last month we tried to love him to death, but he just didn’t like living with us and didn’t like Puddin at all. In fact, the three days before we took him back I was really afraid he was going to hurt her. Puddin is so easy going that really any kitty would love her. I know my Sidd and Shel loved her almost immediately. Dusty needed to be in a home with either no other cats or have kids. But he was put up again for adoption and we’re happy to report that he was adopted out again. Hopefully he’s found what he wanted.

Ace has been such a joy. He’s been so easy going, affectionate, and friendly. He has got to be one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever had that has owned me. He not only loves Puddin, but he loves to be around both Dave and I.ย  Ace: He’s the best!