Happy New Year 2015!


Thank you to each and everyone of you who dropped by my blog to see what I was up to this past year.  I treasure each comment and email I receive. I know there are lots of blogs to read and only so many free minutes in the day, so I really appreciate you stopping by here.

I hope it has been a good year for you. I have so much to be grateful, but on top of that list is that Dave and I have been healthy. And that means everything. Here are some of the other things I have been grateful for in 2014:

This past year was my first time that I actually sold some of my art to other people besides my friends! Having my scarves and hankies on sale and sold at Studio 4905, next to all of the lovely pottery and other art, has really been exciting and reaffirming.

Scarves at Studio 4905

Evi and my exhibit in February at Krannert Hall at the University of Evansville really started the year off. It was fun to show my art combined with Evi’s lovely silk to the community.

Colorful Friendship exhibit

Being part of the Printed Fabric Bee has been so much fun and has really stretched my artistic muscles. I am in the company of some great artists. It was also nice to have an article on our group in Quilting Arts magazine written by Lynn. We all hope that article inspired other artists to find their artistic voice.


Several years ago I found the andthenwesetitonfire blog and fell in love with it. I secretly wanted to be part of that group of wonderful artists. I was asked to guest post in 2013, and then last year I was asked to be a resident artist. It was so much fun. However, looking at where I want to take my art this year, I decided to resign from the group. It was a hard decision, but one I needed to do. And I’ll continue to follow the group and their tutorials. If you’ve not visited that blog, check it out. Thanks to Judy for asking me to be part of that group.

Teaching again has been so much fun. Unfortunately the sun printing class had to be cancelled due to weather, but the Indigo class was a blast. I’m looking forward to teaching more classes this summer at Studio 4905. My sun printing and indigo classes have already been scheduled for June.

octindigoclass1And lastly I can’t forget about gardening. We had a banner crop of blueberries. I harvested 54 pounds, picking almost daily for two months! We sure have been enjoying them in our breakfast every morning!!


Those are just some of the things that I am grateful for this past year. I hope you have had lots of things to be grateful. If it has been a rough year, my wish is that this year will be a much better for you. To end this post I have a few prompts for 2015:

I plan on making …  more art, focusing on finished pieces and video tutorials.

I will continue … to improve my health with more exercise.

I’m hoping 2015 will…. be a creative and healthy year for all of you.

My word for this year is … Completion. I want to make more things out of my fabric instead of just piling it in my cabinet.

Well, that’s all for today.  I’d love to hear your answers to these prompts. Have you picked out your word for the year?