Colorado Inspiration

It’s always so good for us to get away. Dave works so hard in the garden all summer, and both of us are pretty much burned out about this time of the year. Leaving home always seems to rejuvenates us. We come back inspired and ready to continue on with our routines, but with new ideas.

This vacation, in addition to doing touristy things, we spent time talking about the project we have been planning since our last trip to Hawaii this past January. My part will be fabric. His will be wood – specifically intarsia. I’ve sketched out a design and we have chosen our parts. I’m not ready to even reveal my sketch yet since we are just in the planning stages, but I am real excited about it.

Dave got so inspired while in Colorado that he started talking about our next project!  Since we returned he’s been working on his part. I put everything on hold until the TV segment was done and now that that’s over, it’s time for me to work on my pieces.

But enough about that. I wanted to give you a bit of inspiration from Manitou Springs, the second half of our trip.

I had to include this tshirt that was outside one of the shops.


When you drive into Manitou Springs, this is one of the first things you see. I knew I was going to love it here!



We stayed right downtown in a loft apartment in this historical building which used to be a spa.


I love to shoot texture shots for future ideas. Here are a few for inspiration.

While in this area we took the Cog to Pikes Peak. What an awesome experience.  I felt a bit queasy once we arrived at Pikes Peak, but it was well worth the trip. It also was really cold!


We also visited Garden of the gods which is a story in itself that will have to wait for another blog post. I told Dave that I really need to scrapbook this trip, something I’ve not done in quite a while.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.