Gesso & Liquid Watercolors

For the One Little Tag challenge this month I looked through my craft stash for products I’ve not used in a long time. These are the two I chose.


I really love these liquid water colors. I bought a set of them back in 2012 and even wrote this post on my love for them. The colors are so beautiful and they’re so much fun and easy to use.

I can’t even remember the last time I used gesso. It might have been for this old Gesso and Stencil post. That post has continued to be one of my most popular ones!

For this month’s One Little Tag challenge I am making backgrounds first. I wanted to use gesso with stencils again, so I dug through my handmade stencils and used the ones with words.

I smeared the gesso over the stencil.


After I lifted the stencil off I needed to touch up the letters where the “bridges” were located.


Once the gesso dried I sprayed watercolor over the tag. I experimented with using black and was really happy with some of my results.


Before it dries, rub the whole surface with a paper towel.


To finish my tags I took one of my pens and drew on the tag and also outlined the word. On some of the tags I just added shadow to the words.

gessoandwc5 And here are a few tags that are finished.


None of these are perfect, but that’s not the object of this challenge. It’s all about doing some art, not spending a lot of time, and then moving on. Love all of the tags with words sitting on my work table waiting to be complete. Fun!

Today I’ll be getting into the dye studio and dyeing some scarves. It’s been a long time, or so it seems, since I’ve done any dyeing. Have a colorful day!