Class Spiral Bandanas

How about some color from the kids today?

I taught another bandana dyeing class at Patchwork Central after-school program this week. Last year half of the class got to dye bandanas. This post shows the results from that class. We found that the design was taking way too long, so this class I focused on an easier design – the spiral.

We used just three dye colors as before.


I like to have a sample for them to look at before we start. However, I know their results will be different and even better than mine!! Here is my sample.


So we began. Instead of all of the kids being in the class, it was a revolving door. The kids who attend the tutoring program were first. After they left, the students came in shifts. Their results were again beautiful and all different. After they finished dyeing, we wrapped their bandanas in plastic wrap for their trip home and the 24-hour batch. After that time, I washed, dried and then ironed them.

classspiral11 classspiral12 classspiral10 classspiral9 classspiral8 classspiral4 classspiral5 classspiral6 classspiral7 classspiral3 classspiral2 classspiral1

So much color! So much fun! Oh how I love adding color to cloth! I’m looking forward to giving them out to the kids on Monday. I sure hope they love their masterpieces as much as I do.