Ice Dyed Parfait Revisited

In 2012  I tried the ice dyed parfait technique and even though I liked my results, they were way too dark and I felt I was a bit out of control. A couple years later I tried it again only this time I didn’t use ice.

Back then I pretty much guessed at the amount of dye color I needed. Now that I’ve refined the ice dyeing technique with my dye calculator, I’m able to get, I believe, much better results when using ice. I thought it was time to try the ice parfait dyeing again.

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Ice Dyed Parfait Revisited

I first marked all of the pieces by number so I know where they were in the parfait. The bottom one is #1. I scrunched up this first piece of fabric and put it in the bottom of my dye container.


Next came the ice.

iceparfait2The the dye.

iceparfait3I like to spray any dry dye sitting on the ice cubes. This is important to help keep down the amount of speckles on the next piece of fabric placed in the container.

iceparfait4Now to add the next piece.

iceparfait5After my fifth layer it was time to wait. Here is how the finished parfait looks like.


Usually I would wait 24 hours, but because it was so hot and I am testing out my batching times, I only allowed it to batch for 6 hours in the 81 degree garage.

Here is how it looked at 6 hours.

parfaitend5As I peeled off the fabric, there were still a lot of ice cubes.

parfaitend3 parfaitend4


And the last one or #1 still had lots of cubes.


Here are the results from bottom to top with the dye color used:

#1 – New Black

icparfait1#2 – Orchid

icparfait2#3 – Pewter

icparfait3#4 – Mermaid’s Dream

icparfait4#5 – New Black


I’m always amazed at the results I get from ice dyeing and this session was no exception. I really love these pieces. Because I cut back on the dye since I’m now using my dye calculator instead of guessing, and cutting back the batch time, the bottom two pieces aren’t as dark.  Oh, I do want to try another ice dyed parfait soon.

Just a reminder that my Icy Delights online class is still open for registration. Since I opened the class in May, I’ve added my dye calculator to help calculate the color amount needed,  and to get more consistent results. I also have added a new video about batching in the sun. For info on my class go to There’s a promo video that will let you know what’s included. The classroom is open for questions and all students are welcome to join our Facebook group. There has been a lot of great sharing in that space. We’d love for you to join us.

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