A lesson on just “being”

This year’s vacation was a lesson on just “being” for both of us.  This was not something I wanted to do; It’s something I had no control over.

Even though not feeling well, we had to take our traditional picture.

Dave and I flew into Maui on the 11th. On the way to the rental car shuttle I fell. I had fallen several years ago in the LAX airport on our way to vacation. That time I injured my shoulder and when we returned home I started on several months of physical therapy for my frozen shoulder. Both falls have these in common – airports and rushing.

This time I fell landing on my knees and hands, but instead of messing up my shoulder, I twisted my back. For those of you who have chronic back pain, I really feel for you. Back pain is really hard to live with. I’m fortunate that it was just a sprain.

Anyway, we got our rental car and made it to our condo. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of the story. A day after we’re in Paradise, Dave got sick. There were a couple days when he didn’t even want to eat – which for my foodie hubby is pretty unbelievable.

I pushed myself to walk on the beach every day because of concern that I might have more problems if I just took it easy. With my shoulder, I didn’t move it for the two weeks we were gone and it took forever to get it unfrozen. I didn’t want that to happen with my back. I bought a heating pad and took Ibuprofen. Dave walked with me on days he felt well enough to get out.

So our plans for our vacation, which included several hikes, had to be scrapped while we just spent our time “being.” There were a few days when we felt good enough to go out to eat. Mama’s Fish House is our favorite restaurant on Maui so as we were sitting there I asked the server to take our picture.

mamasfishhouseDave’s dessert was a work of art: Liliko’i chocolate mousse in a pastry seashell. Yum!


I really hate to be sick. But for me, it’s even worse on vacation. Since returning home I’ve continued that state of just “being” while taking anti-inflams, muscle relaxers, and doing some floor exercises the doc prescribed. Unlike on Hawaii, I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping.  However, I’ve found the more I am active – walking or just standing – even though my back hurts, I feel better in the long run.

After almost three weeks since my fall I’m just now feeling like I want to create some art. Here are a couple of the mandalas I drew and colored the last two nights.

newmandala3 newmandala2

I also have been looking at this 3-ply cotton cord I dyed before we left. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll be feeling good enough to sew it up.

coloredropeSo if you don’t seem much creativity on this blog for the next couple of weeks, just know I am here and looking forward to not just “being,” but creating.

Oh, on a happy note, Icy Delights will be open for registration tomorrow! I’m looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful fabric and clothing that my students will produce. If you are interested in this class, check it out here.

Thanks for dropping by.